I see angels, spirits & ghosts. My words are revealed in dreams & visions

Allan Castle

Get Answers from the Angels.

Get help. Improve your relationships, financial situation, health
and get a glimpse of your future.

Angels, Healings, Prophecies & Allan Castle

My name is Allan Castle and I am a modern day mystic.  I often receive messages from Angels & guides, revealed in dreams and visions. I use these gifts to see what the future may hold for you and the world.  Also to help people around the world receive healing, hope and messages.  

I see visions, in dreams and even sometimes as large scale movies.  

Sometimes a voice or thought in mind happens.  Quite often, I just know what to do. 

I often can sense what my clients are thinking and they know what I want and need,  

sometimes without saying a single word.

I have been an artist most of my life.  Creating photographs and 
digital art for a variety of clients. 
 When I was told I was to be a messenger, I was skeptical.  I heard, “do you think you only have one gift?”

In the last 2 years, I have seen a major revolution in my life.  I started a spiritual awakening.  My intuition has expanded dramatically and I am seeing visions of the future.

I was told this happened, so I could tell people and warn them about

the end times, that I believe are happening now.  

With these visions I have heard about gifts I have. They have been there for many years, but were dormant.  A strong voice told me “It Is Time”

To heal, prophesy and warn about future events.  I am a messenger.  

I have seen angels & spirits, since I was a young boy.
My past is dark.  Years of abuse and abandonment caused me to ignore my gifts, until it was the right time.

Angels have so much to offer us. They can help heal us and advise us how to to live a better life.  They offer us wisdom & the power to connect us to God.

The Angels are pure spiritual beings, created by God.

They offer us their help.

Our world is in need of healing and transformation.

We cannot transform ourselves & the world, with the same logic

and tools we used to create it.

Angels and spirits have a viewpoint that is unique and unlimited.

They want us to succeed and for the world to become peaceful & abundant. They want to heal us and help us advance spiritually.

Helping and advising people is my mission and purpose.  

I believe each of us has a gift, talents given to us by God, 

to share with the world.  We may be mechanics, inventors, teachers 

or many other occupations.  These talents, if used wisely, enhance our world and mesh with others to create a better world.  And make our world easier, more joyous and more abundant. 

I am often asked by people seeking to find their purpose, how can I know what my talent is?  For me, my dreams have shown me the way. 

As with most people, I often struggle, but I am learning to trust the Universe and God.

He would not have given me these gifts, if He did not think I could use them well.

So here I am.  An unusual mixture of artist, psychic and healer.

Please follow me in my adventure

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