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The Power of Art to Heal

I see angels, spirits & ghosts. I want to offer you a short, free healing call, with any order, for my art.

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About us. What is healing art?

The universe is made out of energy. I create art using energy, creativity & feelings. That art can be used to heal.

The world & universe we see (and also the unseen world) 

is a creation by God. “He” is the master creator, 

the ultimate genius. 

Everything that exists, was a thought, a word, an idea by God, 

before it became real to us.

How we view the world, the thoughts we think, 

believe and feel create too.  We create our world, with

God. We tell the world what we want and that world is

gradually created. 


If we see suffering and believe it will happen, 

that it is our desire. 

Eventually pain & suffering will be created.  If we and the people of the world sees beauty, healing, peace and 

communion with a

divine spiritual life, that is what we will create.


When I create my artwork,
I see beauty. I feel the emotions of

for our wonderful world, 

the excitement of creation and also sharing love. 

When you view and purchase my artwork,

you are receiving a little piece of that energy I felt

when I created the art.

Every time you view my artwork, it is a reminder that 

the love I felt is also the love you receive.





I think my artwork may help heal you, calm you and give you renewed hope, as well add a beautiful decoration for your home or office. 


I believe that viewing of my art, can remind you of a chance at a renewed, better life. more abundance and peace.


When you make any purchase,

I will call you, anywhere in the USA and talk with you for a few minutes (max 5-7 minutes) about my art and offer a short healing prayer, if you want. 

What is an art healing?

I believe that God gives us the power to speak words of hope 

& healing.  I feel I have been blessed to have the gift of healing words, also expressed in my art. 

I will see if I pick up any imbalances in your energy or body,

and attempt to remove or “minimize” them using spiritual techniques. 

If you have a short question about your life or wish to ask 

about my art, you may do so.

These readings are limited to 5 or 10 minutes maximum and are

for new clients only. 

*Health Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. Please do not stop seeing your physician or therapist.  The information that you receive is merely information-not advice. For medical advice, consult your doctor or other appropriate medical professionals. This is not a medical solution. This disclaimer also provides that no warranties are given in relation to medical or other information supplied during your appointment, and that no liability will be accepted by the website owner, for any reason.

You agree to this disclaimer, when you set up an appointment.

You have free will and free choice to make for your own decisions.