About Us

Amusement Park
Amusement Park at Night

I have been a photographer for many years.  I started in Los Angeles. 

It was amazing to meet great photographers like

Helmut Newton.  Photographers creating photos for some of 

the top companies and magazines in the world. 

To see the work from some of the most gifted creators in the world.


2020 and part of 2021 was a year of lock downs. 

This gave me a long time to think, 

re-evaluate my business and also my life. 


I reviewed years of photographs.  I asked myself, 

what looked great, what inspired me and 

what was fun and creative.

I realized I was bored and did not want my photographs 

to be limited.  That I wanted the freedom to add elements,

paint on images and create new art.


I wanted to do more.  Defy the rules and limits to create

new and exciting images. 

Expanding on my thoughts to expand photography

To add emotions and feelings I have.


 I am accepting commissions for





design work for websites, books, 
fine art & posters

and more.



It is an exciting time to be in business.


For More information:


Contact 1allancastle@gmail.com

call: 303-743-0616