About Us

I see the world in
a romantic, often soft focus and abstract way. From the beginning I have always preferred creating a beautiful world with my camera.  Seeing the beauty in people, 
often beauty they don’t themselves see.   
I have photographed many subjects including architecture and still life photos, as well as professional fashion photography in             Los Angeles.
  My greatest joy is photographing women.     Not just models, but helping all women recognize how fabulous they really are
Making them feel and look beautiful.  Often showing them a new vision of themselves.


I have been a working
professional photographer for over 30 years.  Imagination is what inspires the
     world, adds beauty and gives meaning to life.          I want to help you create a work of art
that you enjoy displaying in your home or office. 


    My vision is to use my heart and dreams to                create art.  Art that I believe in and            you will love.


Allan Castle