About Us

I see the world in a romantic, often soft focus and abstract way. From the beginning I have preferred classic images and to create beautiful world.

I have been a working professional photographer for over 30 years. I have decided to blend my passion of art with my business of art. I believe that imagination is what inspires the world, adds beauty and gives meaning to life. I hope you find a work of art that you want to display in your home or office. Please contact me with any questions or comments.                                                                                                      

What I believe...

I believe I am a messenger of spirits and angels. They reveal ideas to me in dreams and visions so I can communicate, inspire and help other people to see the beauty in life, that I see. I use spiritual practices to get closer to divine reality. I express my creativity, in my art and writing.  I have felt the desire to help others heal, physically and emotionally. So I am now offering limited free healings to buyers of my art.  I want to show everyone my world – a new world that will be born.

My Past…

I started in Los Angeles, California as a fashion photographer. After moving to Denver, I branched out to included many types and styles of photography, including architectural, executive portraits and headshots, portraits, glamour and boudoir photography, as well as product and still life photos.

My Future:

As we have all seen in 2020, The world is unpredictable and often chaotic. It can also be exciting. I follow the inspiration and instructions I receive from the other side. This includes spirit, angels & God. (Yes I believe God talks to me, as well as to everyone else.)
Art has been created since the beginning of man. Now art can be created, viewed and shared by nearly everyone in the world. I want to help lead that revolution, by creating new art and techniques.