Breaking All The Rules, except for one.

– Allan Castle

“You must be true to yourself and your heart,

To produce exciting work

– Allan Castle

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Still Life, Location, Portrait, Fashion and Erotic

Analogue Clock in color
Still Life Photos
Vintage Black and white Fashion
Old Town Main Street USA
Still Life Scale
Still life photo

"If you follow the sames rules as everyone else,
you produce the same boring photos"

Adam and Eve and Snake
Eve and the Snake, of Adam & Eve

"A true artist does not just photograph what is there, but captures what can only be seen by the heart."

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Estes Park, Colorado USA
Estes Park, Colorado, USA
Miracle Church, Colorado
Old Fashioned Barn
Old Barn near Parker, Colorado USA
The Water Tower
Water Tower and train tracks
Old Fashioned Radio
Old Fashioned Radio
Close up of model and veil
Model in veil
Ghost Town Fine Art Black and white
The Ghost Town