Why is life so hard?

Why is life so hard? I have asked that, many times. Is life meant to be difficult? Even cruel. Does God want us to suffer? Or perhaps God enjoys the drama he created on earth. Maybe he is like my abusive father and likes to slap us around or hit us with a 2×4, because he thinks it’s funny. My dad actually told me that God did not love me. That I deserved to suffer. He said it when he was hitting me. Mostly with his fists, sometimes with a belt and occasionally with a real 2×4 and once or twice with a hammer. Imagine a grown man hitting his 5 year old son with a hammer. He broke all the toes in my feet.

It took me a years to understand that my father was expressing his anger. And that God was not mad at me. What a coward, hitting a kid and blaming God for abuse.

So I often have trouble trusting people. And asking for help. Would you ask for help, when the help that arrives wants to beat you up?

I think almost everyone needs help … occasionally … sometime … maybe most of the time. Let’s face it. You probably need help all the time! HELP! I can hear myself scream. Almost like Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween. Please, please wake me up, I hope it’s only a dream.

In fact, I have had dreams where I was screaming. God help me. I can’t do this again. When am I going to learn? God if you are not available, send someone I can trust. I need help again.

So who are you going to call? Ghostbusters? 911? TMZ? They handle emergency gossip and have a tip line.

Why not call the best? Your Archangels and spiritual guides. I think people often forget to prey. To call on God, our angels and guardians who have a full time job, taking care of us.

Sure we can try to do this ourselves. Are we good at it? Some people are better than others at handling our problems. Some people are, excuse me, screw ups.

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