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All I Have Left is the Real Me. 
I am just an artist, with a wild imagination.  I want to show the world the real me, through my creativity.
I have been hiding my talents for years, since so many people do not seem to understand me.
I do not think like other people and do not see the world like most people.  Some people have said I may be from another planet. 
I always thought that was a liability, but now see that the world needs people like me. Without the inventors, creators and sometimes crazy people, the world could not move forward and grow.
So I am gong to show you my world. A world that exists inside me and that’s great. Where unexpected things happen.  Where people can laugh, even in tough times. A world of love, creativity and even Angels and spirits.
I want to make my own art, break the rules and create new rules just for me (maybe you should create your own rules for yourself) and hope to inspire you to follow me in creating a great life. 
Here I am getting ready to retire and all I have left are some old cameras, lots of pictures and the perhaps, the wildest imagination in the world. 
I love to tell stories and create new things.
Can a crazy man be successful?  At life, business and especially the art business?
Please follow my journey.  It is usually pretty, it may be odd at times, but it will always be interesting.