Fine art portrait photography.

My clients, for portrait, boudoir, glamour photography and similar images want unique images. Photographs that make a statement and capture an important time in their lives or an important memory. Much of my work as a portrait photography involves creating images that have a more emotional feeling. That are designed to invoke memories, love and feelings that will last many years. Often the photos are designed to have a vintage look. Timeless art, like you would find in a gallery or even a museum. Much like the photos you would find in an old fashioned album, from 50 or 75 years ago. The kind that your parents or grandparents would treasure and collect. Pictures about your life, how you feel about yourself and the special people in your life.

I recently had a call from a client, about photos I had taken in 2002. That is nineteen years ago. While moving she had lost the images. Now the memories of her photo session were gone. I still had those photos and made them available to her. She complimented me on the great time she had taking the photos. We had used candles for lighting and she still remembered the loving feeling and the warm, beautiful color of the photos. Her husband had died and she remarried. She wanted to share the photos with her new love. And in a private, printed album that was a special gift to him

What kind of photos do you want to create? The best way is to start having a conversation. Are you looking for traditional portraits or perhaps something more avant-garde or perhaps something more sensual.

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