Master Retoucher and Digital Artist

Work with one of the most creative photographers and
Master Photoshop artists in the world.

Double Face
Digital Double Image
We create composite photographs and high end retouching for 
Advertising Agencies
Fashion & Beauty Companies
The Entertainment Business: Music, Movies, TV
Magazines, Books, Posters and Fine Art
and Fine Art Portraits
We create movie and TV posters, 
ads for advertising your company or client, 
album covers for music and entertainment clients
fine art posters to promote your event or company.
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Adam and Eve and Snake
Adam and Eve Body Painting and new background
Model on Fire
Model on Fire

Make your project look fabulous.

How can you make your project look fabulous?

Clients expect photos, ads and artwork o be creative,

perfect, express ideas and help sell products.

They must be high impact and command attention.


Allan Castle is very experienced master high-end retoucher 

and photographer. He is originally from Los Angeles,

but is now based in Denver, Colorado.

He works with clients on a world-wide basis.


He started in the business photographing

models for the big modeling agencies like Elite. He still works with models, 

but has transitioned to a mix of work, often utilizing Photoshop,

To help sell a concept, product or idea.

Creating images utilizing elements that may not exist in the real life.


Allan Castle can help you by creating in a variety of styles from

modern, high tech to old fashioned and vintage.

Whether it is one image, that needs some retouching and fine tuning,

to an elaborate poster with 20 elements, blended seemlessly.


He can create images that look like they are one hundred years old

to posters that help sell your product, movie or your latest music album.


Digital Fashion Photo Art
Ink Model on high tech background
Crime pays
Crime Image for stock, TV or editorial use