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Magical Living, part 2

In part one of Magical Living (click here read part one), I talked about what magical living is. Some of you may have been disappointed to find that a magical lif,e is not always an easy life. That while some people manage to lead great lives, almost everyone has issues at times. Issues can be financial, spiritual, health, relationships, etc.
Life is not about having a luxurious car, lots of money and a fabulous home (although there is nothing wrong with owning those things.) If life is not totally easy, what is a magical life? 
I believe a magical life, is a life guided by God and our spiritual helpers. (Angels and spiritual guides). We can always be comforted, guided and helped, and sometimes even avoid terrible situations, by listening to these advisors.
I’ve had several instances of getting spiritual help in my life. Here is an example. I was on my way to a restaurant recently for a quick lunch. The lunch special ended at 2 pm. It was 1:30 and the restaurant was only about 10 minutes away. 
 I was just leaving my office and I received a phone call. It took a few minutes to answer a question from my client. Then I noticed an important email, so I read it. Then I got another call. I looked at my watch and it was 1:45 pm. I rushed out of my office, hoping to get to the restaurant in time.
When I got to the restaurant, I saw a man running to a car.  He was carrying a gun.  He glanced at me, but kept running.
I walked into the restaurant and everyone was upset. It had been an armed robbery.  He had robbed the restaurant and a few of the customers too.  If I had been there a few minutes earlier, I might have been robbed or even shot.
Were the phone calls, delaying my drive for lunch, a coincidence? Maybe, but I think it was God, protecting me.
Before my divorce, a few years ago, I heard a “message” that helped me enormously. I was in a book store and I heard a voice tell me, I was going to go through a tough time, but that I was going to be ok. It did not seem like a normal voice.  Nobody was nearby, but the voice was very clear.  A couple of days later, my wife asked for a divorce. We had been having some issues, but I did not think it would get to that point.
When I lived in Los Angeles, car thefts, robberies, etc. were very common.  I was struggling financially and always prayed for safety.  One day I went out to my car and it would not start. I noticed someone had broken a side window and saw some tools inside the car. 
Someone had tried to steal the car, but it would not start because the battery was dead.  Instead of losing my car and perhaps thousands of dollars, replacing it, I just had a small charge to replace the battery.  Again, I believe that was God watching out for me.
I have received messages, help and warnings my whole life. I, like many people, have ignored them. I thought they did not make sense or were just my own thoughts. I now realize I have lost many opportunities, because I did not listen to my intuition.
I was recently asked about my new website, healing and spiritual writings.  I have been a photographer for most of my life. Why is there a shift in what I am doing?  I have been hearing, for many years, that I have other gifts. That I am a good messenger for God. That healing is another gift I have been given.
So  I am offering to share those gifts wit you.
Allan Castle

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