Magical Life, Part 1

Magical Living

Can You can Live a magical lifE?

Is it possible? To be 100% healthy. To live to be 140 years old or even to live forever. To be spiritual,
drive a Ferrari, live in a 10 million dollar home, have the perfect relationship and more. Can you live a life without struggle?


Do you believe it?  If you don’t believe it, is it your
fault you are not living the life of your dreams? After all, some gurus say that your thoughts and beliefs determine your experience.


I see videos, books and courses saying it’s true. So I asked for guidance on this subject. And the
answer surprised me.  It was basically “you do the best you can”.  
Let me tell you a little more about what I received and what I think it means..


Life can be beautiful,
you can do much better, have much more, be healthier and more.  But bad things happen to good people.  Horrible things have happened to me and you
and it’s not your fault. Can we blame a 2 year old that is severely beaten by his parents?


Yet, despite the trials of our life, we can listen to guidance from higher sources and move to a
better, higher level.


If you have been
married and divorced five times, what have you and your ex-spouses learned about relationships?  Can you drop the baggage and move forward to a better marriage for number six?


Maybe you always wanted to write a novel.  What if the ideas and words flowed to you effortlessly.  Ask some of the greatest songwriters and creators. 


Einstein had a dream, that solved some of the greatest mysteries of the universe.  He saw the solution that led to theory of relativity.  


I was watching a tribute to Bob Dylan, on TV, one day, and he was asked about one of his songs.  Surprisingly, he said he didn’t write the song. He said something
vague, that he wrote down the words he saw. As if it was dictated material, from heaven.  


So, is it possible that miracles can happen every day?


If you grew up in a struggling household or even an average home, you might not believe it, but
many people live a great life and are in touch with Angels and even God. 


I think many people were taught that God wants to punish us all, to send us to Hell.  I know
that my childhood was like that.  Perhaps the most terrible lie my parents told me was that God did not love me. That I did not deserve a good life. 


When a five year old hears his parents, the most powerful people in the world to a child, say that, the child believes them. Why would they lie?  After all they provide for you, they seem to know everything, and without them, you could not survive.


So, yes, it is possible to live a magical
life, but  probably not a perfect, flawless life. That’s why we have forgiveness and compassion in the world. It’s a gift to those that hurt us, but also a give to ourselves.  So that we let go of the old hurts and move on to new, better things.


Have I given you the answers?  Maybe. Probably not.  Life is complicated. 


 I am a photographer and I remember a fine art photographer named Fred Picker. He wrote a newsletter.  It was mailed to people, by subscription. (this was long before the internet).  He would test techniques and sometimes report
controversial findings on how to create photos.

He said the results were true to him. He wanted you to test them to see if the results worked for you too. 


But what I admired about him the most, was
that he said to never trust him.  Take
his experiments and try them for yourself. Verify them. If they work for you, that’s great.  He knew that everyone photographs different subjects and uses different cameras and has different taste.


Another way of expressing this ideas. We all
see the world differently and have a different life purpose.  Ask your soul and heaven for the answers. The answer lies within our hearts & soul.


I have often ventured to Youtube, the
bookstores, listened to MP3 recordings from well known spiritual speakers. I am a seeker and want to find the truth.  I have learned a lot, but always try to verify if that “truth” is for me. 


One day I had an idea to create a photo of a
sunset in a new way. I have never seen someone use the technique. I though I invented something new.  When I was meditating, I heard, it’s not for you. It’s for someone else.  A few days later, I saw the photo I wanted to take on a Yahoo web page.  Another photographer had been using that
same technique and was just releasing the pictures. I knew then, that I had my own unique

way of seeing the world and taking photos.


You and I are supposed to be unique, not a copy

of someone else.


Remember, every soul is on a unique journey.

HOW YOU SEE THE WORLD, Determines (almost) Everything.

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