Allan Castle

Get Answers from the Angels.

I see angels, spirits & ghosts. My words & art are revealed in dreams & visions.

Angels & Allan Castle

Allan Castle is an artist and modern day mystic.  He often receives messages from Angels and guides, revealed in dreams and visions.  He uses these messages to create art, as well as to deliver messages to help people under the world and receive healing.  Allan Castle has seen angels & spirits, from the other side, since he was a young boy.  

Angels have so much to offer us. They can help heal us and advise us how to to live a better life.  They offer us wisdom & the power to connect us to God.

The Angels are pure spiritual beings, created by God.

They offer us their help.

Our world is in need of healing and transformation.

We cannot transform ourselves & the world, with the same logic

and tools we used to create it.

Angels and spirits have a viewpoint that is unique and unlimited.

They want us to succeed and for the world to become peaceful & abundant. They want to heal us and help us advance spiritually.

Please read the articles, see our art and follow us in in our adventure.

Old Fashioned Clock

What if the world ended today? Would you be happy?

What is time? What if it stopped? Would the world end? We all have limited time on earth and must use it wisely.

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Surreal Clock

What is Love?

What is love? God created the universe with love. Perhaps it's time to see what that

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Historic Building, Colorado

Magical Living, part 2

In part one of Magical Living (click here read part one), I talked about what magical living is. Some of you may have been disappointed to find that a magical lif,e is not always an easy life. That while some people manage to lead great lives,

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Magical Life, Part 1

Can life be beautiful, almost all the time? Cam we end the struggle? See the surprising answer in this controversial

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Girl with hat

Portrait Photography

You can get great portrait photography in Denver, Colorado. Beautiful outdoor photos and studio sessions Also find art and artistic

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Main Street town

Fine Art Black and white photography. Memories of the past.

Fine Art black and white photography of the street of Central City, Colorado.

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