Shocking the world into sobriety

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Adam and Eve and Snake
Adam and Eve with Snake

Attention Getting Images That You Will Not Forget

Black model with honey
Black model and honey

Amazing, Provocative images of women.  Portraits, Boudoir, Fine Art, Books, Fashion, Advertising. Also Fetish and Kink photography, 

Shocking the World Into Sobriety

“My goal as a photographer is to seduce, amuse & entertain”  Helmut Newton

Crime 1
From the Crime Series

Do You Want To Be Unique and
Create Something Different?

Are you an original or a copy?

I Remember when we had track homes, where I grew up in California.

Every 2nd or 3rd house was the same.

Boring.  Unoriginal. Full of the same people, the same dreams, 

wearing the same clothes, even going to the same jobs.


And years late, we are now living in a new world of copies and “Photo Track Houses”.

Most photographers and many creatives don’t really have a style.

They just copy other people, who are copying other people.


Can you afford to be boring, unimaginative and a copy? 

If you do that, how can you stand out against your competition, 

 and the millions of images, already out there?


When everything looks the same, can you survive? Do you even exist?


It’s not too late to be an Innovator, a Leader, the next big idea.


Allan works with creative ideas and modern sexy images.

He is not afraid of breaking rules, standing out, doing the unexpected

and creating something new.


Want to find out more?

Let’s start by having a conversation, over the phone is often best.


Tell me about what you want to accomplish, 

Let talk about how you can be more successful.

What are your dreams and aspirations?


How to Create a media buzz

Handcuffs and lingerie
Lingerie and Handcuffs
Most of the famous fashion companies, celebrities and stars of business and politics
use it.  It can very powerful and effective.
They create controversy. They use sex to sell.  They are provocative to
get the attention of the media, followers
& buyers of their products and services.

What did Calvin Klein know? How did he transform a regular jeans company into a sensation.
 Remember the famous Brooke Shields ad.  “Nothing comes between me and my Calvins”
And the nude photos of (now) famous Kate Moss.
Would the company be an eight billion company, if it was conventional?
If Brooke Shields, had Not been in those TV commercials, would you know her if you saw her?
Did you know Kate Moss’s net worth is 95 million dollars?
Without Calvin, she probably would have retired years ago.
Lets be honest, a pair of jeans is almost a commodity.  
If you did not know the Calvin Klein brand, 
would a pair of their jeans sell for $90 or $19