Question and Answers about Angels and Art.

The Answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind. Bob Dylan. 

I am an artist and I have long believed that many of my ideas are not really mine. They seem to be “out there”, but not owned by the artist.  I am often looking for an idea, a technique or information on how to create or market my work. I have the same situation many artists have. How can I stand out, as an artist, be unique, in a crowded market place? And most important, be satisfied in the creation process?

How do the Angels help us?

I believe Angels help us create anything important to us. To give us ideas. Even to move and guide our hands for us, in creating art. 

Many years ago, I was taking photos of a model in my studio 

in Los Angeles. And I could feel the camera move in my hands. 

I unconsciously pushed the lever of the camera to take a 

double exposure (this was a film camera, not digital) and 

then moved the camera around 180 degrees. I could feel the camera move, but I was not controlling the camera. 

It seemed odd, but not unnatural.  I was aware that something unusual was happening, but decided to go with the flow.

I could not wait to see the photo. When if came back from the lab, it was startling. A double exposure with two images of the model and a blur in between, joining the two photos together. Better than I imagined and something I did not plan to do.  And that I probably would never have figured out how to do, on my own.

I think it was my Angels and guides offering me a new way to take photos, a new style for my pictures. I tried to duplicate the idea, but was not successful.  Years later, I sometimes take multiple exposure photos or create or enhance them in Photoshop or other programs. It is much easier using digital cameras, since you can see the effect immediately and make adjustments as needed.

One day a few months ago, I was sitting in  my living room, in my favorite recliner.  I “heard” something.  I felt this was not “my voice”, but a voice that was a little different


The message I heard.


The message was “I see Angels, spirits and ghosts”  I had been struggling with my business, due to the Covid-19 virus.  I have been mostly a portrait photographer, but when the lock down started, my business ground to a halt.

I began to look for alternatives. Could I photograph something else, besides portraits?  Should I finish the book/screenplay,    I was working on?  Was there a new or better business for me to start?

The message seemed unusual. Although I have “seen” and “heard” things for years, I did not think my intuitive gifts, were a business.  Being “Psychic” was something I used. I looked for guidance and help. 

I received good advice from someone who is very intuitive.  She told me to ask for confirmation of important ideas.            If the idea is from a high spiritual source, it will be      repeated in other ways.  

So I meditated, recorded by dreams, and especially noted spiritual experiences that were happening to me.  I had seen a spirit go through my front door in my home.  Dreams indicated I was receiving information from above me.   It became clear, to me, that I was being guided in a new direction for my art and business. 

Why this is important to you?

Although this is my story, you have your own story and problems.  But know, that everyone can get divine guidance for themselves.  To solve problems in their life.  

Perhaps you are having problems meeting a new life partner?  You have tried online dating, but met a bunch of incompatible people. 

Ask for the help of Angels. Everyone gets guidance different ways.  Perhaps you will have a dream, hear a song on the radio, see an ad on TV or feel a need to go to someplace new.

The angels have access to much more information than we do.  They are also much wiser.  They know what we need and can help us get it.

 Let’s say you are female.You may feel want someone very athletic and with blond hair.  You have gone out with these types of guys many times, but it never worked out.

But now, you see a listing for an event at a local church and “feel compelled” to go. While there, you “run into” a guy with dark hair, who is a very serious type and religious. You decide to take a chance and have coffee. You realize that he is caring, a family guy and is interested in you on a deeper level.

A few months later, you are married, to a guy, you never     would have considered. Have a baby girl and even a new,    much better job.  What a coincidence, someone you met at the church, needed someone with just your qualifications.  

If you had only used your logical mind and old dating techniques, you would still be hanging out with the same people and would still be searching for your soulmate. 

Now everything is somehow worked out for you, 

in everything.

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