Arms and Legs

The Power to Heal

One day I had a dream & I heard, very clearly. 

“You Have the Power to Heal”


I have had thoughts & impressions about having healing abilities. But I have been hesitant to pursue them.

I have met people, who were not doctors, who have claimed they could help people who were sick. Some used techniques such as Reiki, a form of energy healing. There are mentions of laying on of hands in the bible. Spontaneous remissions of major diseases, like cancer.  Healing using herbs, prayer and more. 


I once was in a church and there was a silent prayer.  Everyone had there eyes closed, but I looked up. I SAW AN ANGEL.  He had his wings open and was embracing a man a few feet in front of me. He was obviously comforting the man and helping him in a difficult situation.


When I  opened my eyes, I saw that the angel looked back at me, knowing I could see him. He did not pause, but closed his eyes and continued the healing.

I asked some people around me, if they  had seen the angel. Nobody else seemed to have seen a six foot tall man, with short grey hair and large wings, in the audience!


At another church, I felt a man, I was standing next to had a bad back. I somehow instantly “knew” I could heal him.  I just had to use my faith, touch his back and then God would show me what to do. 


I have always had trouble with faith and trust. The people who raised me abused me greatly and almost killed me. They told me that God does not love me.  That I did not deserve love or to be a successful person.

And now years later, I get this message. I can heal people. Why? I don’t know. 

Jesus healed people, as well as his disciples/apostles. The disciples were ordinary men, with struggles and doubts. Yet they were witnesses to miracles and performed miracles themselves. Peter healed the lame man at the temple.


I do not claim to be anything but ordinary. And there are many people, who now say they perform spiritual healing. 

I am very intuitive and have noted that when I get impressions of people, I almost always see them as healthy and fit. Able to do almost they choose to do. Anything they really want.

When I was married, my wife was overweight.  Yet I always saw her as normal weight, with no health issues. I often told her the real you is a young healthy woman of average weight. She would sometimes argue with me and show me pictures.  Couldn’t I see she was heavy?

I believe I am seeing people’s REAL selves. Their true essence. A piece of their soul.

I may eat at a restaurant and talk to the server. He or she tell me they are having a bad day or don’t feel well. But, I see a positive spark (of energy) inside that person.  I KNOW they are healthy. 

God does not want people to be sick. He does not create “imperfect” people.  How can God create imperfection, when He is perfect.

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