Introducing Westford Models

A Denver Company that promotes models internationally.

Are you interested in starting a modeling career?

Become a model.  No classes required.



After Years of working with models, we are now directly training, promoting & marketing new talent.


Our program is entirely different than the programs offered by the schools and local agencies here in Colorado.


Get started for free. That’s it. No kidding.  Not $200 or $2000 or more.  This includes a photo session and video or sample TV commercial. 


We do not charge extra to send your photos out for work or to major modeling agencies in places like Los Angeles. 


We create both still photos and video. Most companies do not create videos, but almost all the major brands are now heavily video oriented. 


We know what sells. We create images to impress the right people.


We send your images out to major companies and magazines to get you real exposure. 


We only accept a few people per month. If we do not think you have the talent to succeed, we are upfront and politely tell you so.  Since we are putting in our time and money in working  with you, we do not want to waste our time or yours.


Did you know that one of the local agencies, in Denver, represents about 500 male and female models. They get calls for a few models a week. What your chances of getting work, in a company like that?










How we do it?

We are looking for the highest quality talent in Colorado.

We are submitting photos and videos to major companies all over the world.

We are looking for young men and women to help us create projects.

Our talent is a little like interns, getting experience on the job.

For example, learning about being a model, by creating a magazine style

photo session.  Then those photos are actually submitted to magazines

and you have a chance to be published and seen internationally.

We can then also submit your photos to book publishers, TV stations,

music companies, movie producers and more. At no cost to you.

Isn’t that great?  Would you rather we tell a famous modeling agency, look at 

my photos in a French fashion magazine or tell them to look at some of your selfies?

What can you learn from TV and famous celebrities?

It’s getting harder and harder to get noticed.  Are you a model on Instagram?  Do a search for #models on Instagram.

Do you know over 700,000 models show up.  How are you going to stand out against almost a million competitors?

Do you think anyone from  a well known company will find you?


Before you make a judgement, please read this entire article. Do you really want to become a model?

Don’t waste weeks of your life, struggle and waste thousands of dollars. 

A lot of models do that, but don’t be one of them.


We may be able to help you.  Create great photos and videos.

Send them to magazines, the media (TV, etc.) and may be able to help you get started.


And to get started, send some information and fill out a form. 


We won’t sign you up, if we think you won’t work.

But if it doesn’t, you’re only out a few hours of time.

Compare that to up to $5,000 at a modeling school and a year or more of classes.


Important Information:

  • We work with both kids and adults.
  • You must show up on time.  
  • You must sign a standard model release, so we can show your images to people and help market you. Otherwise why bother?
  • You must be available in the Denver, Colorado area.
  • No phone calls or texts to us please, we have received up to 50 calls in a day and cannot spend an hour with each caller.  We will schedule a meeting with you if we think you are qualified to work with us.
  • Click below to send us an email with your photos below.