Old Fashioned Clock

What if the world ended today? Would you be happy?

Would you say I have done everything I could for today? Everything that was important to me to finish.  


If you are writer, can you say, I wrote that last paragraph of the chapter? Or did you procrastinate and say I have writer’s block and I won’t do it today, I’ll wait till tomorrow. And then what if tomorrow does not come?



If you’re an inventor, did you do that last experiment?  Or did you say it’s too hard, it’s too tough. I don’t think it will work.



We never know when the world is going to end. Or perhaps just your world. A few years ago, one of my wife’s best friends became a widow.  Her husband was only 28 years old and had a heart attack. She found him dead on the couch in the morning.  It was totally unexpected. How many people have a heart attack at that young age?  She was grateful that he said goodbye to her and and his children the night before.



One day the whole world will end. Hit by an asteroid. Or a nuclear war or even a natural disaster. Or maybe the apocalypse of the bible.



Let’s be honest most things people do all day are not that important. But if it’s important to you, then it’s important  enough to share with the world.  Do a good job, show up to work everyday, on time. Unless you are really, really sick.



Come in with an attitude that I am going to make things better. Life is important.  We cannot waste our time.  We should work together for the good of mankind. If you work for an employer, perhaps you can start with doing your best for your company. Making the best products, treating our customers the best we can.



I often see mediocre results.  People don’t care. But it’s not too late, until it’s too late.  Start now. Most people don’t live to be 100.  And the world really will end someday, too.


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