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What is Love?

I asked God, one day, what is love? The Beatles said “all is love.” Many artists, poets, songwriters have written about love. Loving your wife, loving nature. How can we define love?

Is love just for another person? Is love something you feel when you eat buttered popcorn? Is French toast prepared for your loved ones, on a beautiful morning a form of love?  Perhaps love is watching the Game of Thrones. Or the Sopranos on TV. They may not seem to be loving, but they were a family and seemed to love each other. Even if they expressed love differently than you or I express love.

So what is love? Perhaps love is everything. Love is what creates the world.  God decided he had so much love, He had to share it.

He could not keep it to Himself.  That love should be expressed in everything and in every way possible.

In a tree, a flower, a sunset and of course in people.  That love is even in places you don’t think there is love. Like in a tornado. In the eye of the tornado there is stillness and peace. As if the world has stopped. You are still safe, because with God, you are safe.

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Perhaps we should think about love. But mostly, we should express love.  We should tell the world I love you. And the world will say back, I love you too. There can be love in a McDonalds. A manager there can help a young employee to be a better employee. To learn what service to customers means.  To learn what having a job means and why coming to work on time counts.  That’s love. The present.

The present creates the future.  Maybe that employee will go on to manage or own a restaurant. Or perhaps use the money to go to college and then become a professor and enlighten young minds there. Or perhaps meet someone at that McDonalds and say a kind word and help them through the day.

Perhaps love is everything and everywhere. It might sound trite to say this, but sometimes the great truths are simple.

And if there is love, there must be hate. Without hate, there cannot be love. It’s the duality of the universe. But love can drive out hate. Just like light can illuminate darkness.

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