Angel in forest

Why Angels are important. How I had my spiritual awakening.

It’s been a tough year.  And a tough life.  And I may finally 
have found hope & faith. And found out why God put me here.

It’s a long story, so I’ll probably tell it in 2 or 3 parts.  Maybe in a book.  Or pretend it’s a novel, since many people will not believe that it’s true.   I think I am special, but so is everyone here on earth.  People who are special often tell unique stories.


I get messages, images, premonitions and more in my dreams.  I have traveled back in time, as well as gone into the future, when I dream.   I once was on a special boat, on the way to the other side.  I visited Europe before the German’s conquered most of the continent.  I sometimes see or hear things, when I am awake too.   I often see things and pictures, get impressions and even hear words.  I may see people who are not there.  I have heard secrets, from people near me, that they are trying hard to hide. 


I consider myself a rational, left brain kind of person, so it’s hard to believe messages that may not seem real or reasonable. Things you cannot touch.  Evidence of spirits that is not there, for everyone to see. hear and prove.


Do you believe in the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus, when you are 30 years old?  We know that they are made up stories for children.  But how can you believe in God and Angels?  I have proved them to myself, although I don’t know if I can or should prove them to you.



I have been seeing spirits since I was a little boy.  The first time was when I was only five years old.  They were trying to comfort me.  They told me I was special. I think there were 5 spirits in the room with me.  One was not human.  His head was unusually thin and he had very dark, almost black eyes.  I now believe he was an Alien, someone not of this world. 


Over the years I have had numerous psychic and spiritual experiences.  Warnings of danger, dreams of opportunities.  Even a occasional dream with the name of a person I did not know and had yet met. 


I remember a dream about working in Paris, as a photographer.  Part of the dream was a premonition that a famous photographer, Helmut Newton, would die in 2 or 3 months.  It seemed remote & I discounted the dream as more of a fantasy, than a future reality.  


A few weeks later, I made a call from my office.  It was to a potential businesses client.  A man answered and said it was the office of the French Ambassador.  I asked what number I had called and it was not the number, I had dialed.  I am Denver and he was in New York.


And finally, about 1 month after that call, on January 23, 2004, I read that Mr. Newton died in a auto accident, in Los Angeles, at the infamous Chateau Marmont Hotel.  


In the last year, I started to have a new, different type of dream.  I have been dissatisfied with the direction and quality of my life.  


I was sitting in my chair, at my home.  I drifted asleep. Even though my eyes were closed, I saw the room I was sitting in, very clearly.  A white light entered through the front door (without opening it) & moved towards me. But then turned and went into my home office. Even though, I was still in the living room and there was a wall dividing the living room from the office, I saw it vanish through the walls near my bookcase in my office.  It took me few seconds to compose myself and get up.  I went into the office, but there was nothing unusual in the room.


Although it was an interesting experience, I did not know what to think of it. Did it mean something?  Why did I see a spirit? And did I really see it?  


A few days later, the reason became clearer to me. I heard a message. “I see Angels, spirits and ghosts”.  It seemed like a good idea for my business.  Again, I felt that was odd. It was true, that I have seen Angels and spirits and an occasional ghost.  But I had doubts, as I did not feel that I could say much about the subject.


Then two days later, I had a dream. I was in a library, with someone who I believe is my spirit guide. I said, “I don’t feel qualified to tell people about spirits and ghosts”. He declared “what you need is an expert”.  A young lady appeared at the table with me. She started to talk about the subject. She seemed to know everything.  She went on for quite awhile, with encyclopedia knowledge.  Wow, an instant, expert advisor.


There are many examples in the Bible and regular life now, of people who did not feel qualified to talk to others, give prophecies or become a leader.  Yet they were picked and succeeded with spiritual help.


I have drifted away from this idea,several times. But have come back to it, after messages in my dreams seem to indicate that this is a good direction for me to pursue. 


I am not sure if I have been chosen or if I chose this myself?  Did I choose before being born on earth, to discuss Angels and spirits and my experiences. But I believe the reason will become clear over time.



Yes, I believe there are angels all around us and they want to help us. And perhaps I can help and inspire a few people with help from the Angels and spirits.

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